Plans are confusing

David Higgins 8 years ago updated by Dan Loewenherz 8 years ago 1
In the plan for the basic account is says $10.00 per year. Very misleading, as when I read further on about such plans, I am then told it's $10.00 a month.

Why do this?

Also, I plan not to upload any huge files, so I don't get a bandwidth limit exceeded message, like I did previously, and I couldn't use my Basic plan anymore. My previous username was 'fat'

I understand the first month is "free" but I really hope you're not going to charge me 10.00$ every month after that, as I will happily leave the service for being too expensive.

Unless, of course, I don't upload a lot, and in that case, I'm only charged the $10.00 if I go nuts uploading a lot of heavy files.

Please be more clear in the pricing model, and let potential users know exactly how much they're going to be charged.
Hey David,

Your first inclination was correct, it actually is $10 / year. The monthly cost we refer to is a maximum variable cost, which depends on how many files you transfer. How could we make this clearer? Always looking to make this simpler to understand.

All the best,