"Monthly bandwidth limit"

Garett Fox 8 years ago updated by Shameen Azeez 7 years ago 2

Based on my plan, I'm supposed to have "Unlimited file-sharing with up to 10 Gigs of space". I just got an email saying that I have reached my "maximum monthly bandwidth and storage limits" and that I need to pay more money. First of all, my storage limit is 10 GB, and I'm not even a third of the way there, and second, I'm not supposed to have any limit at all on bandwidth, according to the link and quote above, so the claim from this email I have received is patently false on all counts.

I just got the same email. I replied and Dan responded. Here is what he said:

"You should be able to upload 10GB without a problem. Downloading, however, has changed--there is a limit of 2GB / month. It resets every month.

We had to change the quota for people who were sharing a lot (it was being abused), otherwise we would have had to shut down the service (and we really didn't want to do that). We made the difficult decision to limit it, and yes, this was at the cost of some convenience, but at the gain of being able to continue to exist at all.



Well that sucks. 

so basically, if you're using all 10gb of data it would take 5 months for one person to download it, and if a file was larger than 2GB it would be stuck in the cloud forever?